Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, is known as “the City of a Hundred Spires” and lies on the Vltava River. At its historic centre lies the Old Town Square, with many Gothic churches and colourful baroque buildings, and its medieval Astronomical Clock.

Once the capital of a communist country behind the Iron Curtain, Prague was opened to the world’s appreciation after 1989’s Velvet Revolution led by activist and former president Vaclav Havel. With a millennium of history behind it, the city’s 14th century Charles Bridge sometimes heaves under the mass of its new influx of visitors. 

Prague is a city of beautiful architecture, where Gothic and baroque buildings sit alongside elegant Art Nouveau and more jarring Cubist facades, and this extends to the city’s museums, from the Mucha Museum dedicated to works of Art Nouveau, and the Veletržní Palác, which houses works by famous 20th Century Cubists and Surrealists.

Away from its most famous landmarks, Prague offers a maze of hidden courtyards and cobbled lanes for travellers to get lost in, and the more you explore, the more you’ll stumble across enchanting ancient chapels, quiet cafes and old fashioned bars, where you can sample some of the highest quality beer in the world made by internationally famous brands such as Budvar and Urquell, as well as equally tasty tipples from local microbreweries.

For Eurostar services, this will give the choice to travel in either standard or Standard Premier class, and for all other European trains you will have the choice to travel in either standard or 1st class. Enroute to and from Prague, choose to stay at either the 3* Sandmanns am Dom, 4* Wyndham Koln or 5* Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne. On arrival in Prague, choose to stay at either the 3* Ibis Hotel Lunik, 4* Hotel Trevi  or 5* Le Palais Art Hotel Prague.

Prices start at £407.00 per person*

*Based on two people staying in a 3 star hotel and travelling in Standard class.

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