Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has the nickname of “the Venice of the North” and is, despite being built over 14 islands of a Baltic Sea archipelago, relatively compact and can easily be navigated on foot.  

Over 50 bridges link its districts, all with their own distinctive characters, from the elegance of Ostermalm to the laid back island of Södermalm which attracts the hip and creative. Between these two lie the busy and vibrant Norrmalm area, and just a short way south, the city’s oldest district, the Gamla Stan (Old Town). Wander through this beautifully preserved historic centre with its thin cobblestone streets and you’ll discover the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, Nobel Museum and the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral.

Stockholm offers an eclectic and inspiring mix of galleries and world-class museums and galleries, from the Nationalmuseum displaying art, sculpture, painting and objects dating back to the 16th century to Scandinavia’s most visited museum, the Vasa Museum, whose star attraction is the warship Vasa, which originally sank in 1628 but was recovered in 1961 for preservation and posterity, As well as many other niche galleries and art houses offering everything from Abba props, subversive contemporary works and artefacts from Viking history, you’ll also find  the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet) housed in the same complex as ArkDes, the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design.

Modern design may be a theme of several city museums, but Sweden’s reputation as the home of understated, stylish and functional design extends throughout the city, and you’ll find a diverse array of stores selling everything from classic furniture classics created by renowned Swedish designers to handmade textiles, bags and ceramics from local artisans.

Food is a serious passion in Stockholm, drawing from tradition but also given a twist by a new breed of young chefs eager to surprise those with an open-minded palate. New restaurants using the ‘smorgasbord’ of locally sourced and sustainable ingredients from the city’s waters, forests and fields continue to open, adding to its reputation, while more traditional restaurants serve revered home-grown classics like fried herring, ‘toast skagen’ and comfort food such as Swedish meatballs in cream sauce with potato purée, lingonberries and pickled cucumber.

For Eurostar services, this will give the choice to travel in either standard or Standard Premier class, and for all other European trains you will have the choice to travel in either standard or 1st class. Enroute to and from Copenhagen, choose to stay at either the 3* Furst Bismarck , 4*Europaischer Hof or 5*Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg. On arrival in Copenhagen, choose to stay at either the 3* First Hotel Kungsbron, 4* Scandic Grand Central or 5* At Six Hotel.

Prices start at 600.00 per person*

*Based on two people staying in a 3 star hotel and travelling in Standard class.

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